Saturday, January 17, 2009

knowing without being told = feeling

It always amazes me when someone close to you can sense things even if they are physically far and haven’t had any contact from you, not even talking on the phone, yet can sense when something is wrong. How do they know? How can they feel it? Almost like telepathy…human relationships are such an amazing phenomenon!

Anyways, recently that Other guy (I had blogged about in the post (She x Him)+Another=Dilemma) re-appeared in my love life of recent. I had decided 2 solve that dilemma by just distancing myself from him and focusing all my attention on Him. And it worked, he stopped calling but I didn’t feel great about it, certainly not like I had resolved anything but rather felt like I had messed things up more…
After all he had become a really close friend whom I enjoyed talking too, made me laugh, was fun to hang out with…but we had grown too close, and feelings had began to develop.

Well I lost all my numbers recently so its not like I could call him up just to check up on him, but that week for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Then he called me, and when I picked up I knew who it was before he even said anything! Turns out he had gone through a difficult time during the past two weeks and when he called me needing someone to talk to, I wasn’t there for him. I felt terrible! Because he’s been there for me…so we began talking again, though he refused to tell me about what had happened. He’ll tell me in time I guess…

On the other side, my focus began to shift, and it was reflected in the reduced length and frequency of our phone calls, but it wasn’t that obvious. Then he calls me one day and tells me how weird he’s been feeling, taking it lightly I tell him he’s probably coming down with a cold, then he tells me that he has been feeling lonely all over sudden, and feels sudden bouts of love for me at random times and has the urge to call (funny thing is that he has called while I was on the phone to the other dude!) …like an intentional coincidence!

He could feel that I was being drawn to another guy, and I could feel that the other guy was going through something and that I should have been there for him, and he could feel that I wanted to talk to him but couldn’t!
Its like we all just felt these things without having to know, u know??


candi said...

u need help friend. too many hims! am confused n wondering how u keep track.

eizzy.k said...

Lol, true that!
tryed to defrinciate them with colour, but the fact remains, my love life is a mess!

ujo said...

telepathic I dont know.. but I know humans communicate through the subconcious of their minds.. Its like a collective conciousness that exists, causing intiution... interesting.