Friday, November 28, 2008

School spirit full of shit!

Posted this on facebook today; i thought it was such a classic piece! Its adressed to all those who been "tisk-tisk"ing me for not attending the school swiming gala claiming i dont have school spirit, uh puhlease!!

Today was the swimming gala: a day your forced to swim other peoples races in a crowded pool someone’s bound to have pissed in during the day, shouted at if u not cheering loud enough, and forced to stay in your school teams designated area with people you don’t like wearing a colour you hate pretending you actually care about a made up team you didn’t even choose to be in!
Worst part is, its compulsory.
Well, i only have a few more months left in school, and really couldn't be bothered to participate because i already have my conditional offers (and participating in the gala isn't part of the condition-lol) from universities, so i decided not to go to school this morning.
No big deal!?!

So my team loses points if i don’t show up, so what? its not even a gala between schools, its an inter-house gala. and these "points" have no value at all, so the team with the most points wins the trophy, so what? no one takes it home anyway! it stays in the school trophy cupboard with ribbons of the team colour and is then forgotten as it is covered in a layer of dust until the next swimming gala. A pointless game if you ask me!
and i don’t go to school to play silly games, i go to learn and get the qualifications that one needs to get ahead in the world. I don’t care at all about school teams and all that. its all fake anyway!

Plus, its not just me (I'm an optimistic pessimist , the middle way, like the balance between left and right wing politics-lol), its every single student, apart from the little ones whose enthusiasm is genuine, ah bless! Even the freakin student role models (I wont mention her name or very important official student status) of the whole school called me up yesterday and told me to do her race because of some lame excuse! That’s when i knew for sure i wasn't gonna show up. i hadn't even got in there and i'm already being told to do other peoples races? Hell no!

Don’t tell me about school spirit when no one is willing to do their race, all the able swimmers filling in for the non swimmer races, others just conveniently disappear at the time of their races or simply spend the whole day hiding out in the toilets with their psp’s and ipods! 80% of the girls at school “had their periods” today! Its not school spirit if the only reason your in the front cheering for your team is because a frustrated teacher is patrolling the back screaming at you if they catch you “not participating”!

No one really cares about their team or their school, and can you really force teens to be? With all the raging hormones, identity crisises, insecurities and all, isn’t it too much to ask of these kids? Teenagers are always gonna be teenagers, you can force them to do anything, you gotta work with them. And even the most deluded of teens knows when school spirit is faked! If it was real, I’d feel the urge to be part of it, but its not. It’s fake and full of shit! Honestly, if it wasn’t for Mr.Green breathing down our necks, this event in secondary school wouldn’t even happen! we can participate in other ways that we find relevant, notice how everybody dying to participate at dance off's? Now imagine if it was in school teams, with the colour, points and trophy system in place? Now that would generate real school spirit, plus it would be fun and its good for your physical health too! Wouldn’t that make sense than secondary school swimming gala's?

So don’t tell me I have no school spirit for not attending the gala, y’all don’t either, even if you did attend, the only difference is, that I’m cutting out the bullshit!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, now that I actually got 7 blogs I follow, thought I’d give this a try,
Lemmie reiterate/repeat the whole concept of it,
This tagging is slightly different than simply posting pictures, we post 7 random facts about yourself, and 7 random people. Even if you don’t have 7 follower's, you can still tag as many of your acquaintances that you think will play this meet and greet type meme. (another meet and great game I’ll explain later)

1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. List 7 random/wierd facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 folks and leave their links on your page.
4. Most importantly, let them know they been tagged and leave them a link to your tag post!

Oh and Tag me too!!

7 random facts about myself:
1. I’ve always wanted to learn how to tap dance and aspire to before I die!
2. I’m a pretty good swimmer (though kinda rusty these days), but absolutely failed to learn breast stroke!
3. I’m dyslexic, y’all just don’t notice thanks to spell check…despite that I write often and enjoy literature…go figure!
4. I have a birthmark on my tummy that is the same shape and size as my index finger’s finger print
5. Jill Scott’s song “A Long Walk” is my ideal romantic date!
6. I wish I lived the 90’s instead of being born then…
7. I’m only 17 but have really bad eyesight!

7 random people:
1. I tag Tia and Toya at Black Girls Like Us : - Insightful, down to earth, funny

2. I tag Sam at My pursuit of Happiness :- we go way back, young mother, damn tall chick!

3.I tag Philip at Ecclesiastical Proverbs :- he’s a “big baby”, witty, not your typical IT guy

4.I tag RBG Street Scholar Think Tank :- afro-centric, inspiring, controversial

5.I tag Hobo Teacher :- A day in the life of a teacher, hilarious, unique don’t think there’s anything out there quite like it

6.I tag Saylo at Chinese Restaurants are Fun to Prank Cal :- shenanigans, alternative view on most things, comical

7.I tag HektikLife at The Silent Podium :- opinionated, loyal blogger, the more random the more interesting!

pheew! that was alot of work!

Best damn teen movie…EVER

Recently watched Juno, “the city in Alaska? No, Zeus’s wife who’s supposed to be super beautiful but mean too” and it so touched me! The characters are so real, not the stereotypical portrayal of teens at all! They were so unique, down to their dress code and language, plus they were actual teens, not grown ass actors n actresses tryin to squeeze back into the high school role, which seriously annoys me! Anyway, these guys gave such genuine performances, it truly touched me!
Its about a real issue, teen pregnancy, which I’m all too aware of these days, but in a different light…not overly dramatic but not taken that lightly either. Its cleverly witty, and really reflects the highly developed sense of humor teens got; yes we like poop jokes too! But it also goes way beyond that and is often ignored by adults…
Anyway, I totally recommend everyone watches this, its genius and was written by a blogger, go figure! That’s how u know it’s a real story, it wasn’t done for the money!
Officially at the top of my fave all time teen movies!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Death Of A Legend

I could not believe it when i heard that a legend of our time, Miriam Makeba had died last week!!!
i regret not trying hard enough to go see her perform recently at the jazz fest here in Uganda, took her life for granted, thinking i'll see her "next time", now i am seriously sorry!
She's one African woman i greatly look up too, a jazz legend and political activist who wasn’t afraid to address issues like the white apartheid regime...

even more shocking is the nature in which she died, apparently she collapsed as she left the stage at a benefit concert in Castel Volturno (Italy) on Sunday and died in a Naples hospital. They say it was a heart attack...Heart attack? it sounds fishy, Miriam Makeba was healthy and well, if she was having some complications she would have noticed, it would have been known and she probably would have taken it easy and wouldn’t have planned the tour...heart attacks don’t happen out of nowhere, usually one feels some pain and has a few cardiac arrests which hint at the likeliness of a heart attack...then there are all theses rumors about someone poisoning her drink due to her provocative lyrics and messages...also when u think death in Italy, you think mafia...

I just don’t know what to think! all i know is that i shall morn this month for the death of "mama africa"!

Long live her music, messages and voice!
Viva Miriam Makeba!

The world at a glance - The world travel 2008

This was the reason i was in the UK in the first place!
I was at my mums stall, trying to sell her company, thought i did quite well...and if i wasn’t at the stall i was globe hoppin, from Puerto-Rico to Jamaica to Sri-Lanka to Slovenia, it rocked! Got loads of free bee's and contacts, it really feels like i could go anywhere in the world right now! And if wasn’t globe hoppin’ i was attending seminars on the way forward for African tourism, making the most of the web and the students zone. I'm seriously considering a career in travel and tourism...although i won’t make a fortune, it defiantly promises adventure, i mean i can seriously imagine myself in those smart borderline porn star sexy flight attendant suits!
Hahaha, jus playing, but seriously if i was to pursue this career, i would do product design, creating holiday packages and all that-then going on them myself!

Anyway, props to Rwanda and Tanzania, the stalls were bangin’, i really didn’t expect that, made us look bad! LoL

i would seriously recommend you all to try to participate in one of these global tourism fairs, great experience!

The Not-So-Great-Britain

I'm so glad to be back home! its only after i've spent some time abroad that i really appreciate Africa! We may be one of the poorest continents (according to western standards) but we are so rich in so many ways! we are blessed but just don’t know it, you cant get the perfect climate and easy going nature of the people and lifestyle anywhere in Europe!
well, i didn't completely hate London, i liked how convenient everything was...the transport systems, the vending machines, the Starbucks at strategic positions, the layout of malls and shops. shows you the big difference organization and planed living can make! Also, there is alot of variety, whether its a restaurant meal order (forget the variety of the menu, but the single order can come in so many variations its confusing, i even began to wonder whether what i got was what was described on the menu), to the variety of people one can see in the train, from pierced Goths to dreadlocked Africa, they would have really stood out, but there, it was quite a normal thing! I liked that about London...

However, despite it being just autumn, it was freezing! as a tropical girl it was torture! Also, it was irritating how fast everyone walked! I'm used to strolling-even when i'm heading to a class that began 5 minutes ago-lol! Keeping up on the streets of London felt like i was in a walking marathon, but i guess since it's freezing outside, the smart thing to do would be to get wherever your going fast! Strolling and icily grey whether somehow don’t go hand in hand...
Although the sun was out, you couldn’t feel it! Being a tropical girl, it was a form of slow torture...i'm so used to feeling the sun, it really was on odd sensation...not that i've never been to Europe, i have, but not often, and every time i go, i still cant get over that fact!
I also really missed home food! i guess my palette wasn't used to the London taste, and i would probably get used to it and even like it after sometime, but during the past week i sort of lost appetite...the worst part about their food is that it looks so good, but tastes paper! This however doesn’t apply to all western countries, food in Greece was good, and almost everything tasted so good in Manhattan...The only exception perhaps was the British hot chocolate and pizza hut...

I also don’t get why they chose to keep the old cottages and buildings in London...yeah, some are kind of cool, but most, especially in the middle of the city, are just plain ugly!! The British are so obsessed with antiques and holding onto the past...yeah, it mayb expensive to breakdown all the buildings and replace them, but i think its more than that...i think it reminds them of their empirical power, when they truly were Great Britain and had one of the largest colonies and were the most industrialized...well, sorry for the reality check but that time is long passed, now not even the old British work ethic exists amongst the majority of brit's, in fact most jobs are taken by minority groups simply because they work harder and at the end of the day they are the ones who deliver and perform...i guess its Not-So-Great-Britain nowadays! LoL

well, let me quit whining! I had a great week in grey London, despite the evident bite marks of the credit crunch (in just the week we were there thousands of people lost their jobs due to the effects of the world economic crisis) and the freak stories in the news of babies being tortured and black teens stabbing each other to death, despite the cold and tasteless was a great experience, especially in showing me how much i love home and living in Africa!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gonna b gone for a few days...

Going to snowy London in a few hours, helping my mum with the family business, she's attending the world tourism market fair this year and she needs assistance, and who better can help her than me? Plus i might as well learn the secrets’ of her trade so i can run it efficiently when its handed down to me.
I always used to see the family business as a burden, forced upon me and blocking me from pursuing my own dreams, now that i'm older i have too many dreams and don’t know which is THE dream, so i'm quite thankful of the family business now because i'll at least have something to fall back on when i'm outta uni untill i get my career together...

Still confused over what exactly i wanna do at uni...

Amywine House Rehab remix...

They want to take my bro back to rehab, and i said "no, no, no!"
Yes he's been black but now he's come back, this i know, know, know
He aint got the time and i think he's doing just fine ,
They trying to take him back to rehab, i wont let him go go go!

Yay! My baby bro finally out of that place, thank God! he just spent the weekend there, (But i didn’t know that on Saturday when we dropped him off-feel silly now for crying! I think my mum had a change of heart, or maybe she never intended tp keep him there and just wanted to teach him a lesson...i dunno. Mothers work in mysterious ways!

well, ever since he's been back, he been making a few drug references, and i never know how to answer him...dont want to take on the whole "dont do drugs" severe tone, cause he gets that from everyone anyways, i know i should focus on gain, what u can gain from not doing drugs instead of fear, because people are motivated by gain, but how to do so is not as easy as i thought! You have to sound convincing otherwise you just come off sounding corny!...i need to find a new angle to address this issue that’s obviously so on his mind!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

what an AMAZING day!!

Today; On the 5th November 2008, history was made.
"One small step for the Black Man, One giant leap for man kind!"
Obama, a black man, became the next president of the most powerful nation of the world! I admit it was hard to believe at first, i was simply a spectator, and had my doubts whether America was really ready for Change.
The events of today proved me wrong, and what a pleasant surprise it was!

So I've been asked alot toady, what the American elections outcome means to me, after all i am not American, how can i possibly gain much? It’s not so much about him becoming president, but what it symbolizes to me;

Obama showed me that yes, indeed we can! he gave me hope, as a young ambitious African who what’s so desperately to make a difference. He showed me that if he, a black man, an ethnic minority, an African, a Kenyan, a middle working class man, a father of two daughters, a democrat, can become president of the superpower of the west! Then I can too!

Obama showed me that dreams do come true! Around a centaury ago, a black man could not even vote, and it was a dream as Martin Luther King Jr prophesized to see a black man become president. Today, a black man is president! Obama is in this light, a messier! he has fulfilled that dream, proving dreams come true!

Obama himself represents the conciliation of the white race and black (as well as other ethnic minorities), being half black, (Kenyan to be exact-Proudly east African) and half white, he is truly a global president! and to me, a son of Africa, and so much more...

Most overwhelmingly, this gives me hope for my motherland, for Africa the dark continent. it gives me hope that one day, our dream for a peaceful, prosperous, promising Africa will come true one day...after all, Africans were taken from their land to foreign lands where they were used and abused as slaves. and they have struggled and faced hardship, faced oppression and racisms, and today they rule the most powerful country in the world!

The biggest victory for me, was the victory of change! it really showed the power of the people, and i will forever have respect for America for that, despite her problems, the people have power! and always the Americans revolution against the British, it inspired the French which sparked off the French revolution (one of my most favorite moments in history-ever), similarly, Obama's win will inspire so many of us, and spark revolution in our lives!

what an amazing over whelming moment that was for me when it dawned on that Obama had won!

Now, i know i shouldn't get ahead of myself, i am fully aware that he is simply the face of his party, and hence most of the power lies behind the face of Obama and in the democrat party. Yet i am still very expectant! Obama may just be the president, but at least he is one with character!
I believe he got where he is because of two things:
1. The situation in America - The unpopularity, disappointment and failure of the bush administration and republican party greatly attributed to this! In a way it was more of a vote against Bush for most...
2- he deserved it due to his personal skills, as a an inspirational orator, a natural leader etc
and all this accumulated into his support and victory!

I look forward to the next 4 years, where i hope he proves to the world who great a change we can make!

God bless Obama!
God bless America!
God bless the human race!
God blessed today!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I dont cry...

...But i did yesterday.
My brother was checked in at Serenity Centre (A rehab for alcoholics and drug users) for 6 bloody months! and he's only 15.
What hurt me most, was leaving him there, at some strange house with strange people locked up, all alone. my heart broke as we were led out the door and they locked up, looking back through the bars at my baby brother standing alone, half concealed by shadows, watching us leave him...
Honestly, I didnt think it was necessary for us to check him in! He's gonna miss sitting his exams and will have to re-do the whole year, everyone is now gonna put this lable on him, a junkie, a drug addict and he wont ever be treated the same by our family, friends, school...if life was hard for him before, it will be harder for him now. And it was just weed, everyone hgoes through that stage, was it really such a big deal...i honestly dont know...
My mum thinks so. she couldnt handle it, she works too hard to maintain a good enough life for us, too hard she hardly has time to parent us, but its okay, cause we're older now, and she needs us to grow up fast. i dont blame her, even if people say she's responsible for our upbringing. shes done the best she can, and when she broke down in the car in front of us (The only time i've seen her cry like that was when my father died), i knew it was too much for her to deal with right now. she couldnt bring him home...

maybe i should start from the beginning.
yesterday, my brother went missing, actually, before that, he had told me he was going to a friends house to ask about a skateboard ramp (we had made and was being fixed up) since it was near by, i let him go. I know for a fact its a 5 to 10 minute walk at max for a fact, so i called him up around 30 minutes later and he had apparently just reached...fishy. i thought to myself, and asked his friend if he looked like he had been smoking, he said no...later on in the day, i had gone to meet my boyfriend, but had left my bro at a cousins house...a few minutes later my mum calls and she's asking where he is, because hes not at my cousins house or home and his phone is off. so we go looking for him, we go to all the possible places he could be, his friends house, internet cafes, home etc, and no one has seen him, so my mum keeps driving around...some guy says he's seen him on the road a few minutes ago, we keep driving back and forth till i spot him with a dazed expression on his face, and my mum pulls up the car.

he had been smoking weed, and first told us some bullshit stories untill he finally gave up the act, because we both knew. at first my mum was angry as hell, went to the police, she wanted to have whoever had done this to her son arrested! thing is, they couldnt do much because its not like its one person responsible, its a whole network, furthermore the felt that it wasnt them to blame but my brother, and my um too. they were rough with her, but she realized its not them, but him who had the problem, so she took him for detox and after a chat with center manager she decided to leave him there and chek him in...
it all happend so fast, all in one day, it was so much to take in. so much to deal with so i cryed.
i dont know why, but it did make me feel better.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

pillow texts

I was gonna title this post pillow talk but we weren’t talking, we were texting, lol, the concept stays the same regardless!
been long since i had a good txt chat, like back in my early high school days, when i just got my phone and started noticing the different ways girls talk to boys...
Anyways, it was a not-so-random pleasant surprise! The dude who sits behind me in the bus had asked for my number and i saw no harm in it. i didn’t ask for his because i knew he would text me...he waited a day before actually texted which is so typical! and the conversation followed line, like he did everything from the book! I admit however cheesy it might have got, i kind of enjoyed it! Got me blushing like a twelve year old girl with a crush! Maybe i'm lacking romance in my life! The love is there, but as a romantist, (I got that from my grandmother), love is so bare without the lavish embroidered gown of romance!
well, it was just some innocent flirting, nothing more, just pillow talk...i mean pillow texts

a good friday

How often is the last day of the month a friday?! Gosh, it feels good!
hence i dub today as Good Friday!
(I'm just in one of those moods!)