Friday, November 28, 2008

School spirit full of shit!

Posted this on facebook today; i thought it was such a classic piece! Its adressed to all those who been "tisk-tisk"ing me for not attending the school swiming gala claiming i dont have school spirit, uh puhlease!!

Today was the swimming gala: a day your forced to swim other peoples races in a crowded pool someone’s bound to have pissed in during the day, shouted at if u not cheering loud enough, and forced to stay in your school teams designated area with people you don’t like wearing a colour you hate pretending you actually care about a made up team you didn’t even choose to be in!
Worst part is, its compulsory.
Well, i only have a few more months left in school, and really couldn't be bothered to participate because i already have my conditional offers (and participating in the gala isn't part of the condition-lol) from universities, so i decided not to go to school this morning.
No big deal!?!

So my team loses points if i don’t show up, so what? its not even a gala between schools, its an inter-house gala. and these "points" have no value at all, so the team with the most points wins the trophy, so what? no one takes it home anyway! it stays in the school trophy cupboard with ribbons of the team colour and is then forgotten as it is covered in a layer of dust until the next swimming gala. A pointless game if you ask me!
and i don’t go to school to play silly games, i go to learn and get the qualifications that one needs to get ahead in the world. I don’t care at all about school teams and all that. its all fake anyway!

Plus, its not just me (I'm an optimistic pessimist , the middle way, like the balance between left and right wing politics-lol), its every single student, apart from the little ones whose enthusiasm is genuine, ah bless! Even the freakin student role models (I wont mention her name or very important official student status) of the whole school called me up yesterday and told me to do her race because of some lame excuse! That’s when i knew for sure i wasn't gonna show up. i hadn't even got in there and i'm already being told to do other peoples races? Hell no!

Don’t tell me about school spirit when no one is willing to do their race, all the able swimmers filling in for the non swimmer races, others just conveniently disappear at the time of their races or simply spend the whole day hiding out in the toilets with their psp’s and ipods! 80% of the girls at school “had their periods” today! Its not school spirit if the only reason your in the front cheering for your team is because a frustrated teacher is patrolling the back screaming at you if they catch you “not participating”!

No one really cares about their team or their school, and can you really force teens to be? With all the raging hormones, identity crisises, insecurities and all, isn’t it too much to ask of these kids? Teenagers are always gonna be teenagers, you can force them to do anything, you gotta work with them. And even the most deluded of teens knows when school spirit is faked! If it was real, I’d feel the urge to be part of it, but its not. It’s fake and full of shit! Honestly, if it wasn’t for Mr.Green breathing down our necks, this event in secondary school wouldn’t even happen! we can participate in other ways that we find relevant, notice how everybody dying to participate at dance off's? Now imagine if it was in school teams, with the colour, points and trophy system in place? Now that would generate real school spirit, plus it would be fun and its good for your physical health too! Wouldn’t that make sense than secondary school swimming gala's?

So don’t tell me I have no school spirit for not attending the gala, y’all don’t either, even if you did attend, the only difference is, that I’m cutting out the bullshit!


xsamx said...

LOL! Liz... you went on a total rampage!! Your blog had me in stitches. Its funny because I USED to feel exactly all that frustration and anger over that swimming gala bullshit! I'm fully in support of your absence from the swimming gala. Everthing you wrote is so so true!

eizzy.k said...

Yup! Ur absence made the gala even that more unbearable!
But i just might get a saterday detention and if i dont show up, possible suspension! i've just realise how ridiculous these punishments are!

HektikLyfe said...

I don't ever remember being enthusiastic
about anything scholastic.
Our instructors hated our guts
even when we busted our butts.
My school pride died
when teachers joked about student suicide.
So I took a pass
when it came time to show some pride for my class.

Frankly my dear, my High School could kiss my freakin' ass.

But seriously, I equate school pride and its ignoramus roots with national pride. I pay for my Hamburger, that doesn't make me proud of it. I don't see why I'm expected to feel pride for a country I pay taxes to. 25% of my income? Let alone for a country that never really does what I vote for?

Pride? Meh. There is a reason why many religions view pride as a sin. It just doesn't make any sense.

eizzy.k said...

LoL, Very True!!
Part of schools hidden curriculum to mould a loyal obedient nationalistic workforce out of the free spirited youth!