Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back from camping / World AIDS Day

Got back from my annual class camping trip, and it was quite fun! Went to Lake Mburo and saw loads of animals ranging from hippos to buffalos and even zebras, which are now my favorite animal! The socializing part was not that great! Maybe its because I have it in my head that I’m leaving high school soon that now my class mates seem really boring! Sure I socialized, but cant say I had any meaningful or really funny conversations at all…
Overall though it was quite fun, especially the game walk and drive, oh and playing monster hunter 2 on psp on the way back! Lol

On a more important note, yesterday was WORLD AIDS DAY!! Watched a number of interesting mini documentaries, and though tired from the long road trip home, slept on a contemplative note, especially about the pressures and trends of sex on my generation today, I mean its everywhere, in the music, the commercials, books, movies…abstinence is close to impossible for the youth of today!…should go for an AIDS test one of these days, not cause I don’t know my status but to say I have and do support the fight against AIDS!
Be aware and stay alive people! Hope you had a safe world aids day!
One Love

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