Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year...

Instead of setting goals this year, i'm setting a theme for the year, in form of this image on the left.
My theme for 2009 is:

rebirth - I've done a lot of growing this year, and like a bud about to blossom, i want to be a caterpillar that’s been developing in its cocoon, its about time i started to peel off the cocoon, and that’s what i wanna do with my life before i spread my petal like wings and soar...metaphors put aside, i want to put all I’ve learnt this year into practice, and that means changing and reinventing myself...
simplicity- despite the complex changes going on in the inside, i want to be as simple and collected as this beautiful oval shaped bud. This year had alot of confusion and chaos, especially in my love life, so i want a bit of stability and simplicity next year with my relationships with people (this includes love, friendship and family).

also, my colour for 2009 is going to be green! a soft young refreshing green like in this bud. It will symbolise me keeping it real and natural (check out the hair ;-)) and simple!

so thats my New Years Theme for 2009 sumed up in a picture!


Now, looking back at the year that was;
I will remember 2008 for:
summer love,
drunken nights out,
deceit and Revelations,
University prospectuses,
new glasses,
the inspiration of BARACK OBAMA!!!
i painted my room a deep red (yup all 4 walls!),
deaths and births,
cross roads my and my friends lives,
losing my virginity,
gainig a new out look on life,
the year i quit smoking pot (I've been clean 9months now-not that i was addicted, just had enough),
the year i started my blog!!!
i've gained friends,
and some awards for academic achivement,
joined a Poetry society called the Lantern Meet, i had never shared my poetry with people like that before...

but if i was to sum up 2008 in one word, it would be growth.
it has been quite a colourful year for me, and i have no regrets. looking forward to 2009!

Happy New Years everyone!!


TY Tha Mos Magnificent said...


The 27th Comrade said...

I was sick as a dog when the year changed. Anyway, I was almost delirious as well, and my resolution was very short-termist: "I should get better in 2009!"

I've achieved me resolution, already! :o)

Emigee said...

its a nicething you have a theme for the year 2009....its did alot in 2008, to me am happy there is peace from the begining of 2009 so far better than 2008 (am talking about my country Kenya)i hope the war on Gaza will end...