Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I guess its about time I posted something Christmassy...

Christmas lost meaning to me when I discovered that it is mostly based on a pagan ancient roman winter festival, and that Jesus wasn’t really born on the 25th December, or even any time close to that!

It all started when I discovered Santa was fake, ever since then Christmas never seemed right to me, and after I turned into a teen, my mum could no longer be bothered to keep up the Christmas tradition. Therefore, currently there’s no Christmas tree, no Christmas CD’s or music being played in the background, nothing special planed for the 25th, no gifts, nothing. We might not even go to church!!

I’m actually spending Christmas at the village, with my grandparents (who were around only a few days ago for some weddings, so it’s not like I can say I’ve missed them…) Despite the lack of city luxuries, I’m looking forward to going. At least I will be getting away from all the Christmas chaos and fakeness of the city, like the annoying promotions they drive around residential areas announcing on megaphones, or the Christmas messages in the media portraying a “white Christmas” while we’re going through one of the hottest months of this year!

And not forgetting the desperation that befalls the less fortunate during this time as they are pressured to provide something more than usual…just the other night my mum found herself surrounded by a group of threatening young men as she was driving home at night. The blocked the road, surrounded the car and tried to open it, luckily all windows were closed and she was locked in. she eventually got out of it by hooting and attracting attention then managed to maneuver her way past them. Such things only happen during Christmas in Uganda. Remember how many people died for various reasons last Christmas, either they were too drunk and fell in a ditch on the way home or were victim to a robbery that went ugly…

In the village, Christmas is a more mellow family orientated day occasion, unlike the crazy hyped commercial Christmas in the city.
We shall most probably be staying at my grandparent’s house, unfortunately our house is being rented out and the cottages at the lake are fully booked. Its strange because I’ve never actually slept at my grandparents house, only visited…at least it will be better than spending the holidays here!!

And just so I don’t seem like a spoil sport, happy holidays to all of you who do celebrate Christmas the traditional way!


Ugandan girl said...

Hey just visted you lanrent blog i like..especially the last how long are you gone for..Girl i will miss your blog.

hope we meet up when you get back..would be nice.

FYI i never believed in santa

eizzy.k said...

Luckily I have a portable modem so I can still access the net from my laptop wherever I am, depending on whether there is network of course! So you don’t need to miss me too much! Will keep y’all updated!
And you were a smart kid!

Spartakuss said...

i like your blog..its pretty neat.