Sunday, September 27, 2009

On & On & On & On....

So i've been thinking of deleting or more like "deactivating" this blog...then I read my sidebar badu quote and remembered that i gotta keep this chiper rolling...On & On & On & On...

Then i thought of making it private because theres been alot on my mind and just putting it out there may be a little risky, never know whos reading, then i realised no one hardly ever visits my page and for those of you who do, like 99% dont know me in the real world so i was like yeah fuck it....still, an aunty or two do know i have a blog out their go ahead and share red pepper intimate details of the inner workings and happenings of my life or not???

Anyways, felt like a RaNdOm post so hey, here goes:

Toying with the idea of getting a tattoo, actually always wanted one but i'm very sure now. If i could i would get Kat from Miami ink to do it because shes fuckin awesome, but hey, any decent place would do...

I love this Erykah Ankh, like i love all things BaDu, but more especially i love the way Emek designed symbolic! Its represents alot of things but what strikes me most is the joining of man and woman, life and death, immortality...balance. Its a beautiful symbol from the earliest (recorded) african civilizations, and i love how Emek managed to incorporate an angelic afro in there too! ...instead of "erykah" though, i would have the word "Kirabo", another one of my names that mean gift, the joining of man and woman, life and death, all these are gifts, and as a woman, a life giver, i am a gift.

I think i'd live it on either my leg just above my ankle or behind my neck extending to my lower i would have it there no doubt but my dreads arnt long enough yet and it sure would attract alot of attention, especially back home...

Then of course is the issue of my mum's disapproval...she just may chop off my entire the tattoo may have to wait till i'm done with school and dont need her
Yes children are evil like that. Didnt you read King Lear? its like a second nature to us after we grow up and get minds of our own, thats why animals abandon thier kids after they old enough to survive for their own....

If your into urban poster art culture you have to check Emek out, he's like my all time favourite graphic designer /mentor who does the most amazing art work from audio slave, the distillers to Dave Mathews band including badu of course...he's work is political, versatile and genius! (He's parents were both artists so it sorta explains he's amazing talents).

anyways...i had lot more to say but still contemplating whether to make this blog private or not...
Its not so much about having followers, though its cool to get peoples opinions and view on stuff, but more about having an e-journal with my life in easy to browse archives, PLUS you can put images, videos, music and links too, as opposed to the traditional paper and pen.....think i'll stick with my digital ink!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The sweetest "I-Miss-You" ...EVER! ^_^

Izzy.k: brb
Izzy.k: need to...nevermind
oxy_tim: r u back?
Izzy.k: i'm back!
oxy_tim: cool
Izzy.k: miss me? :-)
oxy_tim: not exactly
Izzy.k: lol...

oxy_tim: my heart was collapsing,
oxy_tim: my brain was transfixed
oxy_tim: my muscles werent responding
oxy_tim: only my eyes,
oxy_tim: they kept on looking
oxy_tim: at the blank screen
oxy_tim: just awainting the buzz, the ping
oxy_tim: before life would rebegin
oxy_tim: then liz came back it
oxy_tim: *in
oxy_tim: mind body and soul,
oxy_tim: i knew wat i was lacking
oxy_tim: {if thats wat u call missing} then yes i did miss u

Awwww! the sweetest most sponteneous poetic reply i've ever got...just had to post it on my blog in its raw form with all its essensce so that i can go back and read it again, and then blush to myself...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This one is for Baba...


This had mullmeister written all over it...

...if you liked, check this blog out, its not all blasphemous, lol, its got a bunch of interesting stuff, great to go through when your in the mood for a little dark humour...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

following my dreams...or just dreaming?

Finally started Uni this week. A month late. My class is dope though, most of the assignments are fun, like taking photos of real life objects that look like letters and making the alphabet in these series of photos (Typography class) but alot of work, like 40 drawings on human anatomy, 20 in pencil, 20 in colour pencil (Illustration class). I’m not complaining though, I mean I don’t have any textbooks or anything!!

Although it has taken a toll on my hours of sleep and blogging time…

I’m doing professional design (visual communication) if your wondering. What for? So I could become an art director or something cool like that. maybe I’ll take King on his offer if it still stands…

Most of my family still doesn’t get why I’m doing this course. Everybody would be much more at peace if I was doing law or some other traditional course like that. Its an age old question though, whether creativity and art is really worth it, or if its just for those who cant do real things like ‘science’.
Well this short video explains what I was going to say in writing, in form of an experiment. (Scientists know all about experimentation)…lol.
I saved you the long read, so the least you could do is check this out...

"rad to the power of sick!!" all shot on a phone camera btw...

* * *

Theres no other feeling in the world as satisfying and worthwhile (at least to me) as creation.
Giving life to something...from dreams... (babies too-lol)

Trying to make a career out of that.
Following my dreams...or just dreaming???