Thursday, September 24, 2009

The sweetest "I-Miss-You" ...EVER! ^_^

Izzy.k: brb
Izzy.k: need to...nevermind
oxy_tim: r u back?
Izzy.k: i'm back!
oxy_tim: cool
Izzy.k: miss me? :-)
oxy_tim: not exactly
Izzy.k: lol...

oxy_tim: my heart was collapsing,
oxy_tim: my brain was transfixed
oxy_tim: my muscles werent responding
oxy_tim: only my eyes,
oxy_tim: they kept on looking
oxy_tim: at the blank screen
oxy_tim: just awainting the buzz, the ping
oxy_tim: before life would rebegin
oxy_tim: then liz came back it
oxy_tim: *in
oxy_tim: mind body and soul,
oxy_tim: i knew wat i was lacking
oxy_tim: {if thats wat u call missing} then yes i did miss u

Awwww! the sweetest most sponteneous poetic reply i've ever got...just had to post it on my blog in its raw form with all its essensce so that i can go back and read it again, and then blush to myself...