Saturday, November 1, 2008

pillow texts

I was gonna title this post pillow talk but we weren’t talking, we were texting, lol, the concept stays the same regardless!
been long since i had a good txt chat, like back in my early high school days, when i just got my phone and started noticing the different ways girls talk to boys...
Anyways, it was a not-so-random pleasant surprise! The dude who sits behind me in the bus had asked for my number and i saw no harm in it. i didn’t ask for his because i knew he would text me...he waited a day before actually texted which is so typical! and the conversation followed line, like he did everything from the book! I admit however cheesy it might have got, i kind of enjoyed it! Got me blushing like a twelve year old girl with a crush! Maybe i'm lacking romance in my life! The love is there, but as a romantist, (I got that from my grandmother), love is so bare without the lavish embroidered gown of romance!
well, it was just some innocent flirting, nothing more, just pillow talk...i mean pillow texts

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HektikLyfe said...

Innocent and pillow are much closer now than they were in my generation and that was only a few years ago. Phone numbers were hard to come by.