Saturday, November 8, 2008

Amywine House Rehab remix...

They want to take my bro back to rehab, and i said "no, no, no!"
Yes he's been black but now he's come back, this i know, know, know
He aint got the time and i think he's doing just fine ,
They trying to take him back to rehab, i wont let him go go go!

Yay! My baby bro finally out of that place, thank God! he just spent the weekend there, (But i didn’t know that on Saturday when we dropped him off-feel silly now for crying! I think my mum had a change of heart, or maybe she never intended tp keep him there and just wanted to teach him a lesson...i dunno. Mothers work in mysterious ways!

well, ever since he's been back, he been making a few drug references, and i never know how to answer him...dont want to take on the whole "dont do drugs" severe tone, cause he gets that from everyone anyways, i know i should focus on gain, what u can gain from not doing drugs instead of fear, because people are motivated by gain, but how to do so is not as easy as i thought! You have to sound convincing otherwise you just come off sounding corny!...i need to find a new angle to address this issue that’s obviously so on his mind!

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philo-so-far said...

try putting urself in his shoes(ok they might be smelly n ol,but u get the drift) wat would u wana hear from pple,judgmental crap or just plain tender love n support?
after putting urself in his smelly shoes, then u might get the rite words n actions to display...
enjoy ur trip to Her Majesty's dominion...shalom FREAK