Sunday, November 16, 2008

Death Of A Legend

I could not believe it when i heard that a legend of our time, Miriam Makeba had died last week!!!
i regret not trying hard enough to go see her perform recently at the jazz fest here in Uganda, took her life for granted, thinking i'll see her "next time", now i am seriously sorry!
She's one African woman i greatly look up too, a jazz legend and political activist who wasn’t afraid to address issues like the white apartheid regime...

even more shocking is the nature in which she died, apparently she collapsed as she left the stage at a benefit concert in Castel Volturno (Italy) on Sunday and died in a Naples hospital. They say it was a heart attack...Heart attack? it sounds fishy, Miriam Makeba was healthy and well, if she was having some complications she would have noticed, it would have been known and she probably would have taken it easy and wouldn’t have planned the tour...heart attacks don’t happen out of nowhere, usually one feels some pain and has a few cardiac arrests which hint at the likeliness of a heart attack...then there are all theses rumors about someone poisoning her drink due to her provocative lyrics and messages...also when u think death in Italy, you think mafia...

I just don’t know what to think! all i know is that i shall morn this month for the death of "mama africa"!

Long live her music, messages and voice!
Viva Miriam Makeba!

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HektikLyfe said...

Yes it sucks when someone you admire passes away.

I'm sorry you lost her.