Sunday, November 16, 2008

The world at a glance - The world travel 2008

This was the reason i was in the UK in the first place!
I was at my mums stall, trying to sell her company, thought i did quite well...and if i wasn’t at the stall i was globe hoppin, from Puerto-Rico to Jamaica to Sri-Lanka to Slovenia, it rocked! Got loads of free bee's and contacts, it really feels like i could go anywhere in the world right now! And if wasn’t globe hoppin’ i was attending seminars on the way forward for African tourism, making the most of the web and the students zone. I'm seriously considering a career in travel and tourism...although i won’t make a fortune, it defiantly promises adventure, i mean i can seriously imagine myself in those smart borderline porn star sexy flight attendant suits!
Hahaha, jus playing, but seriously if i was to pursue this career, i would do product design, creating holiday packages and all that-then going on them myself!

Anyway, props to Rwanda and Tanzania, the stalls were bangin’, i really didn’t expect that, made us look bad! LoL

i would seriously recommend you all to try to participate in one of these global tourism fairs, great experience!

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HektikLyfe said...

That sounds like a fun place to be. I don't think they have anything like that though where I live.