Wednesday, November 5, 2008

what an AMAZING day!!

Today; On the 5th November 2008, history was made.
"One small step for the Black Man, One giant leap for man kind!"
Obama, a black man, became the next president of the most powerful nation of the world! I admit it was hard to believe at first, i was simply a spectator, and had my doubts whether America was really ready for Change.
The events of today proved me wrong, and what a pleasant surprise it was!

So I've been asked alot toady, what the American elections outcome means to me, after all i am not American, how can i possibly gain much? It’s not so much about him becoming president, but what it symbolizes to me;

Obama showed me that yes, indeed we can! he gave me hope, as a young ambitious African who what’s so desperately to make a difference. He showed me that if he, a black man, an ethnic minority, an African, a Kenyan, a middle working class man, a father of two daughters, a democrat, can become president of the superpower of the west! Then I can too!

Obama showed me that dreams do come true! Around a centaury ago, a black man could not even vote, and it was a dream as Martin Luther King Jr prophesized to see a black man become president. Today, a black man is president! Obama is in this light, a messier! he has fulfilled that dream, proving dreams come true!

Obama himself represents the conciliation of the white race and black (as well as other ethnic minorities), being half black, (Kenyan to be exact-Proudly east African) and half white, he is truly a global president! and to me, a son of Africa, and so much more...

Most overwhelmingly, this gives me hope for my motherland, for Africa the dark continent. it gives me hope that one day, our dream for a peaceful, prosperous, promising Africa will come true one day...after all, Africans were taken from their land to foreign lands where they were used and abused as slaves. and they have struggled and faced hardship, faced oppression and racisms, and today they rule the most powerful country in the world!

The biggest victory for me, was the victory of change! it really showed the power of the people, and i will forever have respect for America for that, despite her problems, the people have power! and always the Americans revolution against the British, it inspired the French which sparked off the French revolution (one of my most favorite moments in history-ever), similarly, Obama's win will inspire so many of us, and spark revolution in our lives!

what an amazing over whelming moment that was for me when it dawned on that Obama had won!

Now, i know i shouldn't get ahead of myself, i am fully aware that he is simply the face of his party, and hence most of the power lies behind the face of Obama and in the democrat party. Yet i am still very expectant! Obama may just be the president, but at least he is one with character!
I believe he got where he is because of two things:
1. The situation in America - The unpopularity, disappointment and failure of the bush administration and republican party greatly attributed to this! In a way it was more of a vote against Bush for most...
2- he deserved it due to his personal skills, as a an inspirational orator, a natural leader etc
and all this accumulated into his support and victory!

I look forward to the next 4 years, where i hope he proves to the world who great a change we can make!

God bless Obama!
God bless America!
God bless the human race!
God blessed today!


HektikLyfe said...

Do you think God voted? If so, why specifically Obama over McCain or Clinton for that matter?

I hope for the best for this country I reside in. But I know if there IS a God that only he will judge what he decides is worth blessing. No?

I just find it odd that we are at war and we proclaim blessings from a deity that forbids murder.

philo-so-far said...

Wat is it with ol of pple getting xcited over Obama,
i belive its over rated
my main bone of contention is that the fellow aint "black",rather he is as caucasion(white) as he is African.Actually he is more white than black..
the guy was raised by his white mum,white grandparents in a white society.he met his dad once,visted Kenya a couple of times,but so have many other white ppl.his mentality aint "black",if anything its whiter than its black
someone tel me why i shouldnt call the guy white or alteast mixed race
man its ol hype....
u guys can go n spend ur weekend guzzling malwa,but for as long as Obama aint paying my pay check or putting bread on my table(or getting rid of M7 n his gang of conniving leeches),am not burning any precious calories joining the pathetic hysteria...
....ITS OL HYPE...

eizzy.k said...

yeah, i aint sayin America's perfect, they got a lot of issues!
personally i feel that all the candidates were very capable and would have made a great leader, why i am giving so much praise to Obama is because he was different, and he goes against what we would have expected from a us president, unlike the rest his campaign focused more on the avreage day man and not the big business moguls. he is sort of like the peoples choice, and i hope he will break the power hungry manipulative exclusive business-like nature of the current gov't.

Therefore it has nothing to do with being black! And infact it really irritates me when the news announces that the first BLACK man in the WHITE house...i hate that undertone...Obama got there due to his skills and the context of the current situation in America, and as i'd like to believe God's will!

eizzy.k said...

Obama's policies were very against the war compared to McCains' ...Maybe he really is what America needs at this time...maybe he will be the one to deliver America from the endless war with Afganistan....

I think the best thing about Obama is that he is half black and half white, this aspect of himself is most representative of America today, wich consists of so may shows some togetherness of diversity and cultures, dont u think?

Its not histeria, its current affairs, its people voicing thier views on them, thats what happens when history is made!
Furthermore, it will affect your life Philo, maybe not directly but you will feel it! Look at the wall street crisis in the states, it has affected the whole world, in terms of gas (fuel) and food and aid! go to your nearest petrol station and you will notice the effects! Uganda is for instance an ally of the states, cant you see how the political change will also affect our countries policies and all! We dont live on an island severed from the rest of the world, the modern world is a global village, what happens over seas affects us, maybe not directly, but it affects us all the same!!!

HektikLyfe said...

Though I disagree with many of the policies and international habits of the U.S., I know other countries will suffer without the U.S. in its place of power.

About Obama. He is definitely the "blackest" president we have ever had! Much more than anybody ever expected uptight America would ever allow to live in the White House for sure.

philo-so-far said...

(pulling my hair,eyes wide n running around the room in circles screaming)..its HYSTERIA