Sunday, July 26, 2009


Its been a while.

So instead of doing one of those looong catching up posts I’ll just break it down, for you, but mainly for me, because I cant be bothered to type it all out. Infact, most of what I want to say isn’t even in coherent paragraph essay form, so I’ll just compile various thoughts, flashbacks and facebook statuses. :-P

I’ve never liked nickeback, it borderlines corny country too much and most of their songs all sound the same, but heard a particular song I actually liked, it went something like “I like you best with your pants round your feet…dirt on your knees”…? Anyone know what it’s called?

I think we have the oldest multichoice decoder ever, you remember the first bulky black ones? No wonder why it keeps hanging if you change the channels too fast!

Exam Results come out 20th August…*biting fingernails*

We have a mouse in the house!! (I say mouse, not rat cause its small n very fast, but could be a baby rat, but haven’t yet gotten close enough to it to confirm) it chewed the PS2 cable, luckily it still works but if you make the slightest movement (difficult not to when you’re playing PS2!), it blacks out! annoying!

I got saved. (clap for me!!) lol. Seriously, it was quite an experience, one that deserves a blog post of its own…watch this space.

Decided to pick up music again, got myself a good old Yamaha acoustic, (which I’m yet to pimp out), and thought I would expand my limited C/G/F/D chord knowledge, so signed up to some lessons at Kampala music school (Place hasn’t changed at all from close to 14/15 years ago when I used to be forced to go for piano lessons as a kid, like all ‘good-little-suburbian-girls’ it was so nostalgic!) was praying to get a cool teacher, instead got an eccentric dude who apparently is the head of a church choir yet cant sing to save his life! LoL at least he’s not boring!

I need a GOOD CD burner that can convert music 2 mp3, is user friendly, with flexible playlists, reliable and fast! that too much 2 ask 4?!

There was a random puppy hanging around our gate few days ago. So we let it in, it was so thin, and wouldn’t eat…we washed it, called the vet who gave it some shots, prayed over it, and let it fall asleep on our porch. Next morning, checked up on it immediately I got out of bed, it was dead. I only new it for a day, but omg, can never get used to the sight of dead dogs. Especially puppies. Another dead dog addition to the back yard. Though it got me thinking…partly inspired this.

Dedicated to J***** - “…Who gave you permission to rearrange me? Certainly not me! Who told you it was alright to love me? Certainly not me! I was not looking for a love affair…” Certainly -Erykah badu. Like seriously dude?! WTF?!

Oh btw, not telling the people close to me (whom do not read this blog) that I’ve picked up guitar…not even my boyfy, decided to keep it a closet habit until I get good…probably for the next month…trying to avoid those awkward "Play-for-me" moments

Now I truely believe that corruption in this country has become institutionalized!!! its a shame theres no other way to get things done other than slipping some money under the counter!

Recently I’ve had the urge to go camping! Turns out my youth fellowship I now religiously attend is organizing one, only problem is that I don’t really know people there, which I don’t mind, but I doubt any of the other girls are willing to really rough it and spend the night in a tent with me…but figured that since this opportunity just randomly came up, I shall also randomly find a girl to spend the night with (in a tent I mean!)

Whatever happened to Johnny Knoxville? And the whole jackass crew for that matter? After that dude died, I mean?... Saw some clip of Stevo totally trashed on some talk show…funny but not cool..who shows up for an interview talk show wasted? ! seriously! And did Bam Magera finally get married? Gosh I miss those shows!

Remember how I was praising Ngozi Okonjo Iwela for taking Nigeria (which was the first African country) out of debt? Well, I recently heard their current financial minister announce they were back in the red zone. Damn. One step forward, two steps back!

My uncle gets out of rehab this week. He was supposed to be released on Thursday but they don’t release people on the weekends because they end up binging and and returning the following Monday for another 6 months! Eish!

Situation is a bitch. Unfair how kids younger than my young brother are allowed to go out yet I, the “technically adult”, has a curfew of midnight, and that’s on good nights, most times I’m expected to keep my ass at home! Why?!

Now would be a good time to be abducted by aliens. If you’re out there, I’m ready. Seriously.

My GCSE (O’Level) and AS level certificates got fucked up. And Cambridge doesn’t send copies of the original. I had never realized how much importance we put to damn pieces of paper. This has seriously made university applications that much more difficult! …anyone know of a person or place with good graphic skills who can help reconstruct my certificates, so at least I have ”photocopies” of the originals…(have them scanned but they need some work)…HELP?!

Finished Jny23’s painting ;-)

Saw my neighbor pull off some hardcore twisted upside down yoga positions today…damn, felt like I was the one going through the workout just watching him! (topless-heehee!)

Casual sex…hmmm. I feel like I’m not getting the whole story behind this ‘phenomena’. There must be strings attached that no one ever mentions…

I guess it sort of ended up being a long-ish post!
ah well...


willpress said...

Eizzy who? Hmm never heard of her! Lol. Halo. . .longtym. And yeah, although I can be said to be the mascot of long posts, Ei yawa this one is huge! Umm leme comment on a few:

Nickelback: Figured You Out

Decoder: I hear there's a new PVR but dunno what new thing it does

Results: good luck!

Saved?: Halelujah, praisee Lord! Too bad you didn't check out rastafarianism. Jah Rasta Fried Rice!

Piano lessons: Some choirmasters are even deaf lol! Milosevic loved to bully them. . .

CD burner: lets wait for whoeva will combine TVC + nero + iTunes

Rehab: lol!

Alien Abduction: Prepare to be atomized. I remember dat lol!

Casual Sex= Casual strings. . .made of cotton with a Victoria Secrets label on them.

Oh and lastly

Nigeria's finances: totally incurable. Saw a corruption ad of theirs: "Quick, hide the papers, the tax men are comin!" . .really killed me!


Mckeith said...

Nickleback is good.... Try the song Gotta to be somebody
And that song is Figured you out

The decoder: I know... There is a point where you press the volume button and then a channel changes instead.

Results: sob sob.... Just draw paintings... they could keep your mind at rest

Rat: Know that animated movie (ratat..... something). Anyway sorry about ps2.. thats the saddest part.

Saved: Am impressed, amused and totaly buffled


Corruption; Its not government policy but it is government practice...

Rehap: hmmm

Carfew: Thats the way girls are treated at home. Jewels.

Painting: Le'me me go find it

Casual sex: still finding a few answers. I have no idea

jny23 said...

On a countdown to 5pm today.
Yu got saved??????

Sarah said...

omg your piano teacher is tone deaf? i would LOVE to hear more about that haha!

ck said...

rehab in ug...i need to sign up and fast.
really long post. casual sex, do it while facebooking...

streetsider said...

welcome back.

you got saved? what in the world for?

eizzy.k said...

@ Willpress - long comment to go with a long post! lol! I had my brush with Rastafarianism...but why the hell do they hail n worship a dead Ethiopian royalty, who in my opinion didn’t do that much? And they can get pretty sexist too...not for me...

abt the aliens...they never came!! :-( lol

Nigerian ad, LoL!

@ Mckeith - lol, my decoder is even beyond that! and no worries, i'm sure i'll be able 2 find a PS2 power cable somewhere!
Oh and about corruption, true that! but i think if policies were self regulating, it would help keep practice in check...

oh and wish i was a boy for that sole reason!

@Jny23 - Yay!

@Sarah - yeah! but yet he sings with confidence and passion...doesn’t even notice that your cringing or trying to hold back giggles cuz he sings with his eyes closed...

@ck - yeah, called serenity center, its not bad..been there a couple of times...on visits! 3 months 4 alcohol abuse...

@Streetsider - thanx...i just happened to be at a certain place at a certain time! ...and thought since i try anything at least once, i might as well. Got my soul ‘salvated’ (what’s the past tense of salvation btw??!) in the process too... shall blog about it soon, its quite a story!

eizzy.k said...

P.S. Yamaha acoustic GUITAR...did piano as a kid...dont think they refer to pianos as acoustic...electric ones are called

James Tubman said...

if you dont do nothing else make sure you learn how to play that guitar

i want you playing like lil Richard by the time your next birtday comes

and i like that song on spidermans soundtrack that nickelback did

and erykah badu is a pisces too :)

Ugandan girl said...

hun casual no string attached watso ever....least thats the idea.

cerfew..least you have for yours truly before i moved out of my parents house it was 9pm actually thats not true i think it was like 7:30, 9pm would bring the roof down in my parents household. Know when i go visting my parents still think i shld be home by 9....

how have you been girl.