Thursday, June 24, 2010

so on and on i'll go

So i'm back.
Every time i try to delete this blog, or parts of it, the title of my blog mocks me, so i though fuck it. It is what it is. Like a note of money, whether dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, its value remains the same...It is what it is, right?

Excuse my previous bitter rant, but this blog holds some of the good, funny, depressin and down right ugly moments, and that my friend was part of the ugly.
Anyways i'm finally done with my sem and will be heading back home on the 5th. Although i claim i dont miss home because the freedom here trumps all, i secretly do, especially the brother most of all. There just some things only he'll get or find funny...i miss our inside jokes.

Cyberjaya is pretty boring actually. Never thought i'd ever find fast unlimited internet boring! tired of downloading movies and music, tired of art and drawing and making things, tired of drunken nights and smokey bars, tired of spicy food, tired of it alllllll damn it.

I want to go back home.


njagala said...

well, the arms that bid u farewell shall always be open once u return home

Payo said...

Im rolling out the 'welcome wagon'

Mckeith said...

Arms stretched out (Hold on, Armpit check up........ok cool) to welcome you..... A sledge on its way.

jny23 said...

Let me get the welcome brigade ready. You said 5th July, right?

Welcome home Lil' One.

ujo said...

home 'thweet' home!

Adrian said...