Monday, September 15, 2008

Bloody Relief!

Never been so happy at the sight of menstrual blood!
Although it means that another egg never got to hatch life, its the clensing of my womb, the relief of a woman’s burden as the carrier of lest just for a little while…I wasn’t ready for that anyway!
Tab once told me she’s setting up a lil business project where girls could go check if they were pregnant without going to the hospital and causing alarm with the family doctor and possibly the family…I always thought it was stupid for girls to stress about whether they were pregnant, b’cuz it was easy to prevent that worry, USE A CONDOM EVERY TIME, or just don’t have sex! But the older I got, the more real these kind of worries became to me…I realised it really isn’t easy to do it, as it is to say it. Lust can be so intoxicating, especially if its mingled with love. You keep muttering under your breath that you cant do it, you cant without a condom, yet all the while you letting him undress you, you letting him kiss you, worse still you the first to mount him!! The mind and the body are truly two different entities!


HektikLyfe said...

Wow this is very private information.

Protection is a MUST. No well maybe's. All your plans and your future will go out the window if you're not careful. Its not worth the risk for you to beat yourself over this one night for the rest of your life.

Perhaps alternatives could help? Without getting too graphic you could ask the guy to, uh, complete his task elsewhere.

You have a LOT of options. I'm sure you know them, you just have to want to acknowledge them.

Anonymous said...

thats so true .. and it sucks !!
but its not always our fault .. you know what i mean right?

but at the same time i agree with 'HektikLyfe' .. All your plans and future will go out of the window if not careful !! thats so damn true ..

But its just the way it is .. Somethings will never change no matter how hard you try .. which is sad ..