Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family drama

Have you ever been in a situation where you can tell that something someone is doing is wrong and is gonna end up badly yet you choose to turn a blind eye to it?

Just because you know they wouldn’t take you seriously or claim that since they don’t interfere in your life, you have no right to tell them “how to live their lives”.
AND to make it worse they were family, and you felt you had to tell them despite not being that close, they are family and you gotta look out for family! Right?

I heard she woke up throwing up.
Just hope it’s not too late, because I would feel sooo guilty for not having talked to her earlier…


MBJMANO said...

Sounds pretty deep, I'm sorry man. God Bless.

Ashy said...

I can finally comment :-)... Do you feel any new pressure to post? :-D

eizzy.k said...

@ Mbjmano - yea shit happens!

@ Ashy - yeah i finally figured it out in settings! lol
pressure? nah...i post when i feel like...why?

normzo said...

Hey......u alright?...hope u ar

Have a lovely week

James Tubman said...

yes i have

as a matter of fact i see them quite often

i dont eizzy

i often think that im one person and i cant really do anything about it

or i feel that i dont want to invest my time and energy into another when it might lead to something bad happening to me

i think a lot of us think like that

we look at the worse case scenerio instead of looking at the best case

eizzy.k said...

hmmm i guess i could change my perception of the situation and look for the best case scenerio...

still, isnt that quite selfish and wrong to just do nothing about it? even if they dont take your advise or insight, and still mess up, at least you had warned them!

Kafo said...

i hope all is well on
and that you have reconciled

just checking in

eizzy.k said...

yup she's not pregnant!
i managed to talk to her...its all good!
Thanx 4 ur concern guys!