Monday, April 20, 2009

Gone for a little while...

I'm heading back to school tomorrow, and moving into the exam gear as I a go through the last leg of my high school life, aka final exam period!

I'm not nervous at all, which is a bad thing because the pressure usually helps me keep in check, and as a result I feel like I have been chilling too much.
But its not too late, my first exam is on the 18th last 11 June, the in between from now and then I'm making a effort to abandon my blog and leave Blogsville for a while. It gets distracting, and I am easily distracted!

so adieus amigos, see you at the other end!

I'll leave you with a poem, untitled...just came to me as I was revising the other day, my thoughts on the eve of exams:

My mind is laced
With a hunger for knowledge, I chase
Enlightenment, so through words I forage,
Searching… for what I do not know,
Yet yearn to know.
Searching… for the light
To fight off the encroaching darkness of ignorance.
Searching… for the light
That bleached the colour of my innocence ;
Enough to expose my nakedness
But not enough to dispel the surrounding darkness.
It faded, at the edge of the unknown
Left me, naked,
Vulnerable as an animal of prey.
So I attempt to cloth myself in these pages
But even suits of degrees studded with shimmering masters and PhD’s
are not enough to cover gaping holes of questions
That the light burnt into my mind;
Causing a quenchless thirst for knowledge,
A lifetime of mental dehydration,
Is the scholars fate,
Only through death will it satiate.


Payo said...

Saying that I'm saddened would be a gross understatement...but we all understand the hunger for knowledge. Sadly again, I've got to succumb to the same bug when May 6th comes coz i resume books then.
Best of luck with the books.....

Anonymous said...

Good luck in ur exams......

Loved the untitled poem.

normzo said...

Go ahead...go do your exams....

looks like may is so far and yet its here....but u can always throw in a line ot two.


Sarah said...

good luck with the exams!!! :)

looking forward to when you return the this land of bloggers!

Ugandan girl said...

hey girl...i wish you your exams..and we'll still be here when you get back..xx

jny23 said...

Best of luck in all yu do.
Going to miss yu.

eizzy.k said...

thanx y'all, and good luck too payo!