Friday, June 26, 2009

Jacko finally dead!

So i'm guessing y'all already heard about Micheal Jackson...

yeah, he finaly kicked the bucket. Honestly, i'm surprised he lived till 50! damn! but it was about time, dude was like the living outta touch with reality, he currently looked like a corpse, tryna steal young boy's childhood cause he didnt have one, showing up in court in PJ's...dude was losing it. he's better off dead! Just hope it wasnt like viagra or something that caused his cardiac aresst! LoL

Now, I'm not hating, just being real. I liked his music, definatly has some classics, like waaaay back then, but i cant honestly say i've listened to his music of recent! have you? Dont lie, when was the last time you listened to MJ (radio doesnt count)...yeah, thats what i thought. So i dont feel like calling him the 'greatest ever', when i didnt think that yesterday, just cause he died!

The truth is, MJ died looong ago. it all startd around age 5 when he decided to become white. I've never honestly really connected with his music. he is(was) only the king of pop offence. Pop is flaky music, you just dance and click your fingers to it, not like its he deep or purposeful. (Hell, even the queer Elton john said more than MJ!!)
Anyways, he sure did create a stir, i'll give him props for that, and he revolutionised dance, music videos, and the style of pop music back then...but he aint the only one. Saying he's "THE greatest musicain ever" is a serious hype.

well, musically (which is the only way i respect MJ) this whole dead thing is really good publicity! Think about it, he will now move from "legend" to an "Icon", a level you can only reach when your dead. Also, there will be no more wacko stories about him molesting young boys, he will be immortalised as "The King Of Pop" and everyone will over look the pedophile, race traitor, mentally unstable faggot he truely was. it was the best possible career move.
BTW Did he ever do his last show ever yet? the one in UK i think?...could he even still dance or sing? (no offence again...just saying)

And its funny people should say stuff like, 'he's joined Tupac and Biggie in a better place' because they proberbly in hell! LoL! Seriously, Biggie did even say himself:

"When I die, fuck it I wanna go to hell Cause I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fuckin' tell It don't make sense, goin' to heaven wit the goodie-goodiesDressed in white, I like black Tims and black hoodies..."

and i doubt there's a separate heaven for musicians, which is based on how good you were, or how many records you sold. Infact i suspect most of those proclaimed semi-gods we call celebrities dont end up in the best of places. If you believe in such state that he was already dead when paramedics found him, even though they took him to hospital and tried to revive him. i doubt its possible to pray for mercy while having a heart attack. Just saying.

I know its proper to show respect for the dead, so regardless, R.I.P Jacko

P.S. I wonder what his corpse would look like after a while? would it turn black again? LoL, didnt he have to have recent medication to maintain his white skin or something?


yz said...

Loool, brutal much? I have his greatest hits CD & he's on my ipod. True he never really said anything beyond "Earth", "man in the mirror", "beat it" and "Heal the World". It wasn't really about a message i think, not for him. He's that music for when you really don't want to think, you just want to let go. He defines a moment in time. I still listen to him on a random melancholy evening...that said you're right. Dying is a pretty good career move. And now at least Prince Michael I , Paris and Prince Michael II can now get the psychiatric help they undoubtedly need.

MBJMANO said...

I listened to Michael Jackson when I was like 3, so I couldn't really connect with SHIT!- but he was that larger than life figure that I thought was so much... larger thn life... so man... I think I'm just gonna get emotional and take offence, init? PeACE.

RocNaija said...

I guess in death people prefer to focus on a person's better sides..

Everything else becomes just that.. Everything else..

Mullmeister said...

Totally agree! King of pop, that isn't saying much! Pop is average,and doesn't need too much creativity in my eyes. I had tickets to see him next month n then he goes and kicks the bucket. This morning i was flooded by calls mourning his death... think i had the best use of airtime! Spend one minute and got a damn refund!
Oh well, im not hating, there was nothing wrong with him that couldn't be fixed with resurrection! Like to see you pull that one off jacko

willpress said...

Lol true, true, the honorable thing to do to the dead is to pay respects and MJ also deserves that. Well,I can say that I had quite an ear for his work sometime in the late 90s when discovering 80s soul wasn't that bad...Otherwise when he was really BIG, I think I was more interested in Sesame Street...

A pal of mine is saying that the US govt shouldn't allow MJ to be cremated coz he'll contribute to carbon emission since he's 80% plastic! He should be recycled...

eizzy.k said...

@ Yz - LoL, true.

@ MBJ - its cool dude, go pay ur tributes...i'm just saying. Still, I wnt argue with the fact that he was big...

@ RocNija - Yup, i guess its better that way. still, we shudnt 4get the dark side of MJ

@ MullMeister - aha! I see u've joined me in blogsville! cool! welcome!...if he already looks like a zombie now, what abt when he's corspe is brought back 2 life 50 years dwn the road?...they better cremate him! lol

@ Willpress - LMAO, sound advice!

philo-so-far said...

am still of the view that he got the heart attack while running after some young who out-paced his old sorry ass

ck said...

ok, beef....he's dead, lets give him the "rest" he "deserves"..there is nothing else in life he could achieve.
i can moon walk,break dance..just saying.
dude is dead...for sure...
80% plastic...freaky
lets not hate...enough...just saying his dead.
a woman scorned...
he has white kids...somebody explain.

black-beans said...

Saying that Michael Jackson's music is "flaky" and "average" is a simplified observation. Most pop music of today is flaky, but how much other musical works managed to transcend cultures and languages like Michael Jackson's?

King of Pop is more impressive than any kind of indie artist, just because they can garner the respect and attention.

It's perfectly fine if you don't really connect with his music, but that's not a reason to knock the work.

Payo said...

I will miss him, the internet will miss him more, the tabloids will miss him even more.
But shame on Mullmeister coz Pop definitely isn't average,and needs too much creativity in my eyes. Hate his heir apparent Justin but the guy is creative as hell.

eizzy.k said...

ck - also wondering abt his "kids"

Black beans - i know, will give him credit 4 getting as big as he was, and he was talented and revolutionary in the genre of pop no doubt, but everything about him was a damn shame. and it affects his work, as much as we want to seperate the two. His song "Black and white" one of my old fave, doesnt even sound the same to it sounds like "It doesnt matter if ur black , if ur white!" u know?

@ Payo- he was definatly not average...i admit he did quite cause a 4 justin, at least he was really born white!

Anonymous said...

Stop talking as if you're a journalist and that you know much about him. Like you said, all you heard is that he abused those children. Well... IT WASN'T PROVEN.
As a matter of fact, one of those children admitted that he lied because of his parents forcing him to tell lies! Pathetic!
Just admit that he was a good singer and that he had a talent for dancing. He is a legend! Dude, are you jealous?!!! hahaha
RIP Micheal J.

Anonymous said...

It's funny...people usually like to talk a lot of crap when they are insignificant and others stand in the spotlight. It is clear that you are not an English major, nor a person of any popularity. I'm almost certain that if you had a similar childhood as did Michael, you too would have issues. I'm sure you have a whole crap pot of your own, the difference between you and him is a couple billion dollars and the media in your face 24/7 for 50 years. Cut the man some slack. There are other issues in this world you could be focusing all of your negative energy towards. Go feed a starving child, make yourself useful...after all WWMD? Sucka.Oh, learn how to spell.

eizzy.k said...

To Anonymous – Hold up, never claimed to be a journalist or an english major, or even popular! (though the fact that I at least have more than 5 people following and commenting on my blog says otherwise-just saying)and i too have my own issues no doubt!
so please don’t take this out of context!
Just your average blogger with thoughts to share…

About the molestation cases, there’s no smoke without fire, and especially with cases involving celebrities, the truth is always obscured! (OJ was innocent-lol) Just because he had the media in his face doesn’t justify the messed up things he did. he’s not the only celebrity with media in his face, and although it’s a shame that most super famous celebs suffer tragic fates, not all of them do. Some can handle it, despite all their shit! Just because MJ couldn’t doesn’t make him special.

What the hell is up with you Americans and idolizing celebrities?!?

He was just a damn pop star.No need to get passionate!

Most definitely there are other issue that happened the day MJ died that are just as important, but since the whole world was so taken up with it I just had to comment on it.
Hell, don’t you have better things to do too than engage in this discussion about MJ?
I think we’re all in the same boat here…

I’ve already wished him an RIP and haven’t denied the success of his musical career.

What more do you want from me?
Brainwashed media puppets…