Saturday, August 1, 2009

Salvation (part 2)

One of my life mottos has been that I will try anything, at least once. This has consequently made my bucket list pretty damn long! But it has also provided me with opportunities to experience so many things that have undoubtedly scared as well as enlightened me.

I’m only 18. I’m not claiming to have ‘been there, done that, got the slovenlier T-shirt’, but the few years I’ve been alive have definitely been interesting…

Sticking to the motto, I thought I would give getting saved a try. I know most peoples reaction to ‘getting saved’ is a cringe they often (unsuccessfully) try to conceal. I was like that too, because we’ve all heard the stories of crazy jesus freaks and saved fanatics who went over the edge of sanity, we’ve heard of the pedophilic pastors molesting young boys, we’ve heard of the corruption and misuse of the church money, we’ve heard of (seen and know) the hypocrites who live sinful lives but still attend church every Sunday as well as those who are condemning and ‘holier than thou’ …its enough to make one lose faith in the church, Christianity, God even!
But I’ve tried drugs and other things often shunned upon by society, so getting saved wouldn’t be much different, considering what I’ve tried in the past!

Plus if religion is the opium of the masses, and reality is grim and stained, I would quite frankly prefer to be high and deluded off religion than sober and somber !!

There is a reason religion is likened to a drug. And I’m not just meaning Christianity. There’s just something so uplifting, peaceful, inspiring and mind blowing about it. I believe being high is a beautiful thing. So far, there are two ways I know how to get into this blissful slice of hevean. The first is drugs. The second is a spiritual relationship with God (who ever he is to you, to me the Christian God).

The only reason it would be more advisable to choose the latter not the first is: Drugs may take you to that level, but it doesn’t last, and the more you use, the father away you get from it…you start to having ‘bad trips’, and the biological/physiological/psychological/social side effects start to kick in, then it becomes hell! It’s all fake and illusion…But with God, it’s real, and can last forever. Although it does have its side effects too, just look up II timothy ch1 vs 8, II Corinthians ch1 vs 6, Romans Ch8 Vs 18 ( where did I get all this? The brilliant concordance at the back of the amplified bible, its like a mini biblical exycolpedia which refers you to relevant parts in the bible. I recommend it!)

I’m yet to reach a constant high in Christ…will let you know and compare if my hypothesis is right. (^_^) LoL

The whole experience of getting saved was pretty cool. Although it was at first a half conscience decision. LoL, actually what happened was that they told us to close our eyes and bow our heads…then raise your hand if your not saved. Being the smartass I was I didn’t, knowing that they were gonna call em up to get saved…then they asked those who had lost faith and basicly thought church was full of bull…I did…then they told us to stand up and come to the front. I thought about just seating my ass back down but since by now everyone was looking, I thought I would just go. I’ve never gone up to the front of the church (I have a permanent seat at the back row) so I thought it couldn’t get so bad. So I went.

Closed my eyes the whole time, because it would have been scarier to have them open. My heart was pounding and as I was listening to what was going on, a rise of mummers began to build. Everyone was I guess saying their own prayer to god (for us?) …no music or instruments, just voices…some dude was saying incoherent things near the front (tongues?)…the someone came to me, held my hands and prayed over me. He told me to focus only on his words…it all reached a passionate climax then slowly faded, the voices, the prayer…It felt pretty awesome. The only way I can describe it is as ‘an energy’. Like at a concert, just as the performer comes on stage…that build up mummer of voices…excitement…everyone’s attention and focus on one thing…a collective energy.

It was the first time I had ever felt something at church (apart from drooping eye lids, sleep induced from utter boredom and irritation at sitting for long hours in a crowded place – the reason I don’t go to church on big holidays like Christmas or Easter).
For the first time I felt something . The presence of God? My first dose (more like taste) of a spiritual high? Salvation?

I think I’m on to something…do u??


Sarah said...

Oh yes, you are definitely on to something :) The presence of God is amazing, and to have it in ones everyday life - its crazy, its wonderful, its what we were created for! Peace

streetsider said...

I think there is a danger to getting saved with the experimental mentality. in fact i doubt if it can even be done. i would think that for it to be real or meaningful one would have to commit mind-body-soul-spirit-etc as if until their dying day. though that also has its dangers.

but i could be wrong, how you been?

eizzy.k said...

Streetsider - you think? Well i'm willing to commit mind body and soul...but just keep it objective, like i always do. thats the whole reason i'm blogging on it, so that if i do get too caught up with it i can look back at what i wrote at the time and self reflect, anaylse and keep it valid yet unbiased...i know people can get too caried away, and i dont want that, i just want to experience what they feel to make them so crazy about it. I think since i can handle drugs, i can handle religion too...

Otherwise i'm fine!
oh and Heya sarah!

Mckeith said...

I must say am impressed. A bold decision. Moving infront of the church and then getting saved. Thats boldness. Failed on every account.

Well I believe that the obsession is with God and not religion. Most of the time I do not care about religion all that matters is that relationship I have with God.

Otherwise if you can handle then its Praise the Lord.

streetsider said...

i dunno, i dunno, no matter how determined to drown you may be, if you jump into a lake and can swim, you will swim.

anyway keep us posted, can you do me a painting?

ck said...

getting saved..for the right reasons, hope not the streets preaching around round abouts. 18, i can only say, damn.,..dang. stereo flo

eizzy.k said...

@ Mckeith - it? most people i've noticed do he whole church thing full swing, sit through the sermons, loudest during praise and worship...but somehow you just dont see it refelect in thier lives, hence it ends up being more of a religious act than a real relationship with God.

Even if it was with God, is any obsession really that healthy?

@ streetsider - i hope getting into the whole religious thing doesnt feel much like drowning...i'm actually hoping for a natural

@ CK - LoL, those street preachers are so wasting thier time and energy, i wonder if they dont realise that NO ONE ever listens....hmmm, i have my reasons alright, right or not, i dunno, but they are genuine and not of ill intent...

jny23 said...

So yo really into this getting saved thingy. When it finally hits rocks bottom, let me be yo first convertee(word created by me.

Otherwise, how yu doing boss? Coming soon with a sack full of clients. haha

Mckeith said...

@Eizzy An obsession has never been healthy BUT the arguement would be that obsession with God is considered healthy......
It cannot be called an obsession though it is called being filled with the spirit...mbu