Saturday, October 25, 2008

the biggest question after "Is there a God?"

Is it possible to love two people?
poligamists would say yes, but i always thought that was a sort of status thing, the more women, the bigger the man, plus there is usuly the first wife or head wife, who is held a little higher than the others which shows that perhaps they are loved more than the others.
Is it possible to love two people equaly?
A child would say yes, its impossible at times to pick the one parent a child loves more, but thats a different kind of love. I'm talking about romantic love.It bugs me how the english language has so many synonyms for one word, but just one word is used to describe a multitude of emotions! you can love a 10 different children, but can you love 10 different lovers? There are different kinds of love, and it seems with those come different limits of how many people you can love. otherwise its called cheating!
who made up these rules anyway?! In the end isn't it all love?
These questions lead me to the timless question of what love really is?... especially romantic love...

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HektikLyfe said...

I don't think love can be quantified. This is why you see guys who can't choose between two girls they love. It DOES happen. I'm not saying its right but it does. Our ancient ancient ancestor's began that tradition and it must have been for a reason. Why imagine the possibility if there isn't some emotion behind it? Why MARRY and not just keep a girl on the side if there isn't LOVE holding it all together.

I'm not saying that is always the case, its probably very rare. But I DO think it is possible to love more than one significant other.

I could never see myself doing that or God forbid my wife. But I won't deny another persons capacity. Now if they wanted to be legally recognized and looking to received some of my tax money, then this discussion would be a little different.