Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my best friend just had her baby!!

Although i was feelin horrible last Sunday, like all the life was slowly seeping through me, one of my close friends was in excruciating pain as she was giving birth to new life...on Sunday 26th October 2008, at around 3-4pm, Francesca was born, 38weeks early!
I was sooo excited, feeling like an aunty, all grown up, at that stage where your friends are having kids...but in actual fact, she's just 17 so she should be the one feeling grown up...too fast...
But this child has proven time and time again, it wants to be born! I honestly had my doubts, because of alot of complications on her mothers part, but although she’s pre mature, she's a fighter, she was in the incubator for only 2 days! She's a strong baby girl, just like her mother, she's a fighter...Gosh, i can already imagine me telling her these stories when she's older. The only thing that saddens me is that i wont be around on her first birthday! I'll be in some cold European country tryin to develop my intellect!
But i wish her, Francesca and that asshole who is her father (gotta give him a lil' respect i suppose) all the best, all my blessing, all my love.

The birth of a baby, whether premature or overdue or unexpected or planned for, is always such a beautiful thing. I dedicate this poem to her, (Its not mine, but a AfricanHipHop.com family member, and friend, who wrote it, and i think it fits this occasion so we


And as you grew inside my womb
New galaxies were born
The sun came to kiss the moon
Roses blossomed on bloody thorns
Angels thanked the heavens
For blessing this earth with you

I stared and cried and smiled
For I understood that now we
Have been blessed too…

Copyright 2008 Poetic Seraph

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HektikLyfe said...

Think of her complications next time you consider no protection.

New life is great,
but new life can wait.
If you hesitate,
you will fill with self hate.