Thursday, October 1, 2009

RaNdOm musings, Decisions and Things...

Have you ever had the urge to just walk up to some random but seemingly cool person and just spill the beans, pour your heart out, tell them all, the hilarious random thoughts, strange realizations, deep secrets, childhood memories, family drama…just blurt it out, unwound and boundless from social constraints and norms of proper conversation making…regardless to the fact that they wont even know what your talking about or frankly care…?
Yeah, in that unpunctuated fashion too.

I guess that’s why we blog (those of us who fill our blogs with personal/fantasy content that is). Our blogs don’t give us the that WTF look, and aren’t inconvenienced by us in any way either! That’s partly the reason I think the service industry would be so much better if it was run entirely by robots. From the immigration and URA offices to Dominos pizzeria and supermarket stores. I mean no one really WaNtS to do those kind of jobs anyway, I mean if a dude didn’t have the option to do melancholy jobs like being a janitor, imagine what he would be doing? (well, that and if we lived in a society where we succeeded in life not on the connections and money we had but on merit, passion and hard work…) …in a parallel universe maybe.

If you can follow my train of thought here, and understand what I’m saying….drop me a comment. LoL

And no that’s not a cheap endorsement to get you to comment on my blog. (Its actually a clever jedi trick but if I explained it it wouldn’t work)

As you can probably already tell, my current state of mind is heavily concentrated.
I need a place to pour it out without any sieve diluting its…its…I dunno what it is, but till I figure it out, I wanna keep it the way it is!
I’ve decided.
This lil’platform I got here shall undergo a makeover…less personal blah more citizen journalistic material….
Thought it would be appropriate to end this era of my blog with the first topic I ever posted about: BlooD.

I’ve always thought theres a certain beauty about periods. Perhaps its because my first experience with the menstrual cycle was not a terrifying, omg-I think-I’m-dying-moment…I knew exactly what I was happening. Early sex education really is helpful you know, but it sure does take out the fun of the whole experience.
Well around the same time a year later, I still find periods beautiful. Still not pregnant either, but maybe that’s just because I just haven’t been having sex this time round.



Ashy said...

1. All the time! I feel sometimes that even the people I know frankly do not care :-(
2. Service by robotics.... we are already there! Standard responses from customer service crews and front desk operators! Do not even get me started on Immigration officers' questions.
3. Happy to oblige :-)
4. :-o
5. As long as you dont close the blog..
6. er... what is your secret? Beautiful?! I loathe those days.

eizzy.k said...

1- I know hey, we should
2 - Yeah, but i mean everything! humans are just too inefficent especially when it comes to services....
3&4 - LoL, i was just high....

5 - yeah but what then would be the point of it? Wanted 2 make this private but open another public one....

6 - LoL, somehow i enjoy the pain...

yz said...

you said it perfectly. except it's not so much that the people(known or unknown) i'm talking to don't care it's mostly the look of utter confusion that flashes across the face as i schpill along. it's really depressingw ehn you get that look. on my blog i don't have to edit the randomness out, it doesn't necessarily have to make sense. i love it.

i agree with Ashy, just don't close your blog.

and as for blood. don't know that i'd call it beautiful. haven't really thought about it ever. hmmm...

streetsider said...

nice-ish post then all of a sudden, WHATTHEFUCK!