Monday, February 9, 2009

Black History Month this Febuary

It’s black history month this February. I know that’s an American thing, and I’m not American (Uganda Oye!!), but I feel inclusive of the term 'black'. And I am a history student, who happens to feel strongly about my people.

I also believe that we are not that much different in terms of the issues we face in societies. Whether African American or simply African, we face similar issues in this modern age, such as idolizing westernized beauty (we choose the weaves and hair straightening chemicals instead of our naturally luscious kinky hair), domestic violence, mis-education, ‘tribalism’/gang culture, gold diggin’ women (these ‘go getters’ with sugar daddies) just to name a few.

Its not just us either, our parents used to be influenced by American and westernized culture too. I don’t know about you but my old man had a collection of cowboy hats that he cherished due to those old western movies they used to watch back in the village.

So you know what? Black people are black people everywhere. In Africa, in Europe, in the states, and we face similar problems and challenges.
So why not adopt Black history month and celebrate and learn more about our people too.

As an urban feminist black African female, the topic I’ve chosen to blog about every so often this month is African heroines.
in no particular order of importance or date; just a weekly supplement for all my strong African women, and people too.


Wangu Wa Makeri

She was the first and only female ‘headman’ during the entire colonial period in an area modern day Murang’a.
She was born in the second half of the 19th century into a traditional kikuyu society.
She proved to be a very powerful and authoritarian ruler and was widely supported by the female population.


James Tubman said...

i love your blog already lil sis

im definately gonna look that one up

keep giving us good stuff like that

are you kikuyu

eizzy.k said...

nah, tho i have been mistaken for one, cuz i'm light skined/brown n short n all, but i'm ugandan, mukiga if u wana talk tribes...

normzo said...

hahahaha-brown short mukigga...

Ok dont get me wrong about that...just having a simple laugh.

kati now, this black history month-give me more info..need to know more.

otherwise cheers gal.

eizzy.k said...

thats what i am...atleast i aint short brown and fat, tho some people find that
no offence to my big sistah's i love y'all!!

yeah, will drop more 4 black history n educate y'all...

Anonymous said...

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