Saturday, February 21, 2009

The curious phenomenon of alcoholism...

I met up with a friend recently, a friend I had been avoiding for sometime. But since I had sorted things out between me and him and him, I saw no harm in meeting up with him.

What could happen? Apart from some flirting which I could handle…Plus he insisted.

He wanted to come over at home, but I thought it would be better to go somewhere else where shit cant just happen (thanks to the scrutinizing eye of the public)...yet not too public, somewhere we can assume the 'anonymous-couple-talking-at-a-cafe' facade, (like the extras in the movies-lol).
Somewhere near home...

So he came home, and we took a walk down to Bill’s café.
It was a good chance to talk and catch up; although quite strange at first, since I have never actually seen him in the day time!
Usually we talk on the phone, or I see him at night when we're all out.
So I took a good look at him, and was shocked at what I saw:

He actually used to be kinda cute, or maybe it was the 'alcohol goggles' and the flashy night lights that make evrything seem so cool, or maybe because it was just dark...people look different at night even if there is light you know.

In the daytime however, he looked really messed up.

He’s eyes were all squinty and kind of swollen and looked dirty, like he had just woken up and hadn’t washed his face.
His skin was oily in a venomous way, like those slimy green and black Amazon frogs…looks cool on them, but mutant scary on humans!
He looked kind of burned in some areas too…'scorched' perhaps is a better word.
He was skinny and lanky, even more so than when I last saw him, and walked in a limp tired way, I could tell he was out of shape from the lil’walk we had to the café and back…

I dont know why i hadn't seen this before. Perhaps it was the stark sunlight that made his true form and colour naked to my eye. Perhaps I just hadn’t ever really taken a good look at him!

whatever it was, it made me realize that alcohol really is poison!, and with time its evident as it takes its toll on your body.

This dude has been parteyin and going out from 7pm tp 6am almost every other day of the week for like a year now, (still in his S6 leavers vac which started at the end of 2007!)
Fastforward to now, he's still doing what he was doing a year ago; borrowing money from his parents, going out drinking, crashing in the day time, with a few errands his mother forces him to do inbetween. No studies no job, his guitar got broken sometime last year so he's been doing nothing constructive for the past year!
2008 must have been one big alcohol stained year for him.

Hope he doesn’t turn out to be like those guys in their late 20’s/early 30’s and are still living like they are 20 and just finished school. Cause thats just sad.

I mean it would be a shame if I started university before him! He’s like 3years older than me yet sometimes he acts like 3 years yonger than me.

I told him of course what a mess he was, and he should really sort out some things in his life. Though I’m sure that’s a song he’s heard way too often. Just hopes he listens to the lyrics this time.

On another note, I went out last night for a friends 18th birthday bash- legally (this time) with parents consent and all, and had a (sober) blast!
Despite the majority of people who were on the balcony puffing away on tobacco and other smokeable dry plants, and those ordering more potent drinks than the innocent sprite I was sipping, I managed to have fun and resist the temptation and danced like my feet were on fire! all without being intoxicated!

I guess I couldn’t shake off the scorched-toady-face of my friend, i kept imaging seeing him at the bottom of every glass of alcohol passed my way...

But the human mind is strange.
I’m sure a few weeks down the road I’ll find myself doin the two step with a drink in my hand.

How is it that we can genuinely want a healthy and alcohol free diet and drink ourselves silly or gobble down a cholesterol choke full serving of food without thinking twice.
Know how bad something is for our well being, but indulge in it freely and regularly.

What’s up with that?!


normzo said...

for example i cant explain the fact that i had one to many last night...leeding to a stupid morning...and yet,as i write this,am getting this text about beer coming up...and i have already fallen for the temptation...

eizzy.k said...

yeah, dont you ever wonder why??
Guess its pyschological...

Princess said...

"I got my drink and my two-step. My drink and my two-step. It's on. It's on!!" :-)

*Poor toad.

Ugandan girl said...

Hi hun, am back..missed you..thxs for the birthday wish i had fun...I always have this saying 'forbidden things are always nice' -ug girlism

lulu said...

lol it was the lights and the beer and all the fumes in the air, let me tell you those things make you see princess instead of the frogs they really are, interesting read...and write!

eizzy.k said...

@ Princess - lol, you know how it be!!

@ UG girl - hmmm even if they're forbiden for a reason?

@ Lulu - i guess so!

jny23 said...

Just envy people who dont drink and still manage to have fun on a night out. Tried so many times to quit and the bset i went were 3 weeks.
When yu get the secret to quitting, please dont hesitate to share.

Otherwise, how are u doing Eizzy?

Ugandan girl said...

even if they are forbidden for a reason.

Anonymous said...

First comment I believe. Your blog keeps demanding for ransom I can't meet.

philo-so-far said...

thats the reason i looked forward to seeing u during the day,night lights can play nasty tricks on u especially wen
anyway am happy for u that u sorted urself out with "Him"

eclecticsoul said...

it's human nature, to want things we know we cannot achieve. then again, it is tha nature of bad things to feel good like alcohol and bad-for-your-health foods and good things to feel like crap like eating healthy, well most of it. but seriously, why does all the bad shit feel so good.

eizzy.k said...

@ jny23 - Its possible dude! if i can, so can you! Otherwise I'm okay, thanks 4 askin! tho my dog died :( but thats another post...

@ rentedmess -Yup, you dont seem like a regular...well abt the ransom, just give me whatever you've got, or i'll pull the

@ Philo - yeah, it was getting too much...

@ eclecticsoul (and UG Girl)- i of the many unanswered questions that swim in my head!