Monday, February 2, 2009

couldn't get off the sinking ship...

Well I couldn’t let the ship sink.
Because he was on it,
And he wouldn’t jump off,
Despite the flashing red ringing alarm bell:
'Abandon ship, leave behind this shit!
Save yourself or die, because this ship is going down,
I repeat abandon ship!'
But he never jumped.
I couldn’t either;
because I had promised myself that I wouldn’t again,
Not until another year had passed...
“I guess everyone has their price”
Their limit.
Their breakeven point.
That silver-slick-jaded-broken-piece of an ice berg
Floating, half submerged, somewhere
In the ocean;
The wide ocean of being.


Ugandan girl said...

I claim socks for this.....

oh my....

lulu said...

ummm, okay rthe ocean of being... am pondering, pondering