Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Blah: the cure to flu & hilarious adverts

I managed to get over a flu that was threatening to take me under in just one day!
How? Heres my lazy girls guide to curing flu in the first few days you feel ill:

1) Drinking loads of fluids, juice, tea, water, you name it. Sure you piss like a horse but it really does work.
2) Rest does miracles! I skipped a whole day of school just to “rest” .In other words sleep in and chat all day, but it worked. Gave my body time and strength (that would have otherwise been used to just get through the day) to fight off the virus.
3) Blow your nose, don’t sniff it back in! cough, spit , do whatever you have to do to get that flem out! Your body is trying to get it out for a reason! Don’t let it build up…this is where the staying home part is necessary, because it can be embarrassing doing this in public!
4) Lozenges don’t really do much apart from relief…but they make a difference, so I advise that you stock up!

Anyways, on my sick day off, I was browsing through some blogs and discovered this hilarious post about how its national condom week in the states, it was paying tribute to what they considered awesome condom adverts, and I’d have to agree, check it out:

So I end up on YouTube, (the source of the video, in search of more funny condom commercials) and found this hilarious composition of adverts that for some reason or the other were never broadcasted. (You soon see why!).
They range from beer to phone services, and are quite funny.
Some are even brilliant!
I recommend you watch it!
My favorites are:
-the lady in the bus whom everyone is staring/waving at, because of the billboard on the bus, though she comes off thinking it was her attracting the attention!
- the beer one! Lol! Beer goggles! (personal fav)
- the one about how calls are meant 2 be private! Lol
- the one about energy efficient light bulbs, with the farting lamps.
- the ‘exciting’ camera one…

Some were just stupid though!

this is one of the reasons i'm considering advertisement as a possible career option! it looks fun!!
i could come up with these!!


HektikLyfe said...

I wish I could see those YouTube videos. Its blocked where I am but they sound hilarious.

I'm still coughing that same flu. It knocked me down in a day but its been two weeks and I still feel some of the side effects. I can still work though. I only took one day off.

Weird thing about this one. You are totally right about letting your body do its thing. It actually felt good to do it all. This may sound gross but it even felt "good" to go to the bathroom. To explain it better, it almost seemed like you can sense that you were getting better with every disgusting excretion.

Sorry about that TMI, I hope you've already had your lunch.

Emi's said...

lol The Durex ad was funny and the rest of em, especially the guy btwn the two chics.

I have my own remedy for the flue and it's so effective and natural but I'll share when my patent goes through.

eizzy.k said...

@ HektikLyfe - flu can be so disorienting! LoL, dont worry i dont easily get grossed out! and yes, it feels great to let your body fight it off the way it was designed too!

@ Yeah! poor guy! LoL!...hmm will be waiting for that secret remedy!

Princess said...

Nicely writ random blah. :)
Insane ads!
*And yes, the dude caught between those two ladies is the most memorable. Damn!

Anonymous said...

glad your feeling better....could it be that you laughed all through the vids...hahaha

normzo said...

Unfotunate for me, i am not able to catch up on those adverts...slow connections...Oh yeah and i think advertising as a profession can be cool...go on and save us from these Ugandan adverts.

sorry about the Flu,hope u are good now... it can be a hustle fighting that virus.

Be silent said...

The best way to cure a cold is by taking some Whiskey i had it from Doctor Miss Cheri Sherry Darling

James Tubman said...

get well soon babygurl